*The programs listed below are not funded or taught by staff of the Cambria County Drug Coalition.
*CCDC highlights county prevention providers and schools who work to bring quality prevention programming to the students in the county.
*Prevention programs available in Cambria County are made possible by multiple prevention providers and funding sources, as well as participating schools.

Botvin LifeSkills Training

Currently present in all school districts in Cambria County, the Botvin LifeSkills Training (LST) is the #1 rated evidence-based youth development program. Implemented in schools all over the U.S. and in 36 countries around the world, Botvin LST fosters youth development by teaching personal coping skills, general social skills, and skills for resisting pressures to smoke, drink, use drugs, and engage in other risky behaviors.

Too Good For Drugs

A program consisting of 9 classroom sessions. Too Good For Drugs focuses on creating a positive environment where students are tested and surveyed to promote methods to improve social, emotional, and goal-setting skills. This program instills the necessary characteristics and confidence needed for students to say no to drugs and alcohol.

This is (Not) About Drugs

The area’s first opioid-specific drug-prevention program designed to prevent “first use” and to save lives.