Our vision is simple: To make Cambria County a safe, friendly and great place to live, work and play. The Cambria County Drug Coalition is a newly established organization that serves to diminish all drug-related issues facing our community.

Our focus is on reducing and eliminating illegal drug use and overdose deaths, expanding prevention efforts, communicating treatment options for addiction, and lessening drug-related crimes.

Our strategic goals are to decrease illegal drug supply, improve system of care for substance use disorders, enhance drug prevention and education initiatives, and secure funding for sustainability of these initiatives.

Thanks to the support and funding from local organizations that share the same overall mission, the Coalition expects to see long-term, positive results in Cambria County and surrounding areas. Collaboration is key to achieving these goals.


The Cambria County Drug Coalition will work to reduce and ultimately eliminate overdose deaths, reduce illegal drug use, expand prevention efforts, address treatment options for those who are addicted, and reduce crime.

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A Broad Crisis Requires a Broad Response

The coalition has actively engaged these 12 sectors of the community in working toward our goals. We are united by a common mission and shared roles. There is strength when we all come together.

The Drug Free Communities grant program takes a comprehensive, multi-sector and data driven approach to prevent and reduce youth substance misuse in communities throughout the United States. The Cambria County Drug Coalition was recently awarded grant money to implement this strategic and evidence based approach in Cambria County to further the mission of creating positive change.

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